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As customer expectations rise and market competition gets tighter, you want to make sure that your product draws the right attention when it launches. What is a failsafe way to ensure this? Develop a robust product with a customer-centric design and seamless performance. Another crucial step is to launch fast! The market waits for no one and this is why high-speed services will work best for your business.

With its expertise in product conceptualization and design, Digital Radium, a custom software product development company in St. Louis, would love to do all the heavy lifting parts of your product development. From the very initial stages of ideation to product maintenance and support, the entire process is managed by us with directions and inputs from you.

Services We Offer

We provide software consulting services for businesses who are looking to launch their project and also those who already have a product up and looking to modernize it.

Avail consultation services to

Assessing Your
Product Development System

User Analysis

UX Research


Product Design

We know the importance of building a software product with the users in mind while also giving priority to the business needs and offerings. A set vision for your business with an extensive understanding of your target audience will help us craft a product with an impressive design and interface. Our UI team is experienced in product design for both B2B and B2C applications.

We will handle everything from basic low fidelity wireframes and/or high fidelity, interactive wireframes or prototypes of the new product design.





We rely on valuable consumer data to test the usability of the products we design. We monitor the interactions of the user with the product and determine the required improvements. You’re left with a feature-rich, responsive, and user-friendly design that allows your audience to smoothly reach their objectives

Product Engineering

Our experience in building premium software products with a strategic approach will help you launch a product that is ready to face the challenges of a dynamic market and constantly varying consumer expectations.

Our Product Engineering services help you

  • Build a product that incorporates all the desired functionalities to reach business objectives.
  • Develop in response to market requirements instantly and keep up with the constantly evolving customer’s needs.
  • Handle the entire process, from product creation to maintenance, at a rapid pace.

Known for providing the best custom software development services from St. Louis to the global market, we build products with extreme sophistication and we are ready to take 100K hits on day one.

MVP Development/Product Prototyping

A Minimum Viable Product is an optimal product with the core functionalities.

The benefits of an MVP are:

  • It helps speed up the process and get your product out in the market quickly.
  • It ensures that you release a feasible product that appeals to your target audience.
  • Multiple testing rounds will help you launch an impeccable fail-proof product.
  • Our in-depth research on consumer behavior and brainstorming sessions will assist in fixing issues and upgrading the user experience.

Our expertise in MVP development will keep you in an advantageous position as a fast-paced business, making informed decisions rather than instinctual ones. Our prompt-output prototypes will help your product achieve relevance, provide a premium quality experience, and retain customers for a long period.

Why Choose Us

Top Product development agency in St. Louis

Digital Radium has an impressive list of clients because it follows certain procedures and measures to provide the best services.

Two cents about our product team

We are the most rapidly evolving software development company in st. Louis, that helps businesses by providing innovative solutions and strategies for their product. By building high-end products, we ensure that our clients stay at the top of the ladder. We design with the future in mind and accelerate the product development process while helping reduce costs.

Our experience in product development has allowed us to work with reputable clients. Our team is consistently growing not only in size but also in technical expertise. We aim to be one of the biggest catalysts to the digital revolution by developing products to transform businesses. Our team always aims for superior quality and therefore our products go through rigorous tests before it reaches you or the market.