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Do your sales and marketing processes require an upgrade? Zoho CRM integration can offer your business the automation and planning it requires. The business world is currently driven by automated solutions and software-based sales monitoring. Migrating to a renowned CRM software like Zoho CRM can propel your business sales to extraordinary heights.

Digital Radium is a Zoho CRM integration company that will apprehend your business needs and deliver customized solutions within your budget. With our Zoho CRM integration & implementation services, you will be able to dive deep into all factors of your business sales and transform the derived analysis into productive solutions.

We aim to create the perfect ecosystem for your business to thrive in, with an ever-growing mass of loyal customers, and a consistent increase in sales numbers. Watch your revenue jump considerably subsequent to launching the software.

Let’s Introduce Ourselves

We’re a business too. So we’ve been through those hurdles that can pose as an obstacle for achieving the best revenue and highest sales. And as a business, we are in a position to understand your specific needs and challenges to which we will provide tailor-made solutions.

Digital Radium was founded in St. Louis and having clients in Tulsa, Springfield, Kansas, Chicago, Nashville, etc., with the goal of helping transform businesses around the world and how they operate. As a team, we have tried and tested the concept of CRM software directly influencing sales numbers. So, we’re ready to bring you this knowledge to ensure that your business absorbs every opportunity and resource available to produce superior outcomes.

Areas We Can Assist In

We do not discriminate against companies by scale. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Zoho CRM software proves to be effective to interact with customers and produce better sales results and our certified Zoho CRM Consultants can help you use the Zoho CRM effectively.

The industries we cater to are the following

Retail and




Financial services

Here’s Why Zoho CRM Can’t
Get Better Than This


The software is not as complex as it sounds. It offers brilliant UX with a direct and simple approach. Although it is loaded with valuable features, the software does not have a cluttered or confusing user interface.

What our certified Zoho Consultants can do for you?


We first review your business processes and offer solutions that will help optimize your sales with the least required resources.


The Zoho CRM implementation consultant will lay out a proper plan for you and train your team to use the customized software with ease

Data Integration

Zoho CRM can be integrated with third-party apps to help smooth flow of processes for your business.

Data Migration

You won’t lose any valuable data that you’ve gathered and can easily migrate all information to Zoho CRM seamlessly

Health Checkup

Your business is dynamic and needs constant upgrades. We’ll do a full checkup of how your Zoho CRM is functioning and provide you with effective fixes.

Implementation process


We’d like to first understand what we’re working with. With an in-depth analysis of your business and testimony from you about the existing processes, we’ll create a personalized solution that fits perfectly.


With enough data collected on your business and an understanding of your needs, we will formulate a plan that will best suit your budget and resources. You can further discuss with us any changes or additions you require.


Now that we have a plan in place, we execute it by reviewing it every step of the way. We launch the Zoho CRM that has been tailor-made to your business needs and watch your sales improve significantly.


After we’re done with implementation, we analyze the processes to determine whether any further changes can be carried out. We strive for the best, so we’ll make sure that you have the most optimal performance from the software.

Why we're the Best

We’ve partnered with businesses countless times that we know what works and where. There is no better knowledge than from experience and we bring this to you, powered by a strong team of Zoho CRM integration specialists who will perfect your sales processes.

With us, you’re guaranteed